Tuesday, November 3, 2009

let it be known

This season is all about the dress, boots, leggings and sweaters with a hand full of stores dishing out new goodies, a girl just can’t say anything but yes to this season’s most haves. Now girls don’t go to crazy with the colors, I know we all have our own style but when you come out of the house look bold not crazy. It’s going to be all about the dark tones in the next week and so on, tell the end of this season so if you’re going to wear plain white get it out of your system now!!

I don’t know if you guys have checked out the new and improved side of the fox hills mall (know more so known as the Westfield Culver City mall), if not I think you need to work your way over there. The forever 21 looks amazing and there is a vans shoe store, with other awesome stores like target, cutesy girl, Coach and so must more you better get down there. The only down side right now is the H&M is not open. :(
Just a lil. Something I found on forever21.com that I just had to share:

Bouquet Satin Dress$22.80

Looks of the week:

Aja Noel

Kayla-Marie Wilson

Got them at payless!