Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Night With The Donnas

whats up all my fashion lovers?!
how was your weekend, hope it was as fun as mine. i just got to see the most amazing girl band in the world. that's right girl the DONNAS. it was fun, crazy and a little sweaty like all concerts, i have been to a lot of concerts and this on is defiantly in my top five.

Leggings: Express

 Heels: American Eagle

Cardigan: Twelve
H&M Bag

The opening acts were good first there was the Nukes i group of kids no older then seventeen one of them at to be like eleven, the kids could play and the singer has a great voice.

Also there was the Gorevette this group was a lot of fun they had this rockabilly sound mixed with Sydney Loper they were cool.

Last but by far the best The Donnas. they rocked my H&M bag off, like i said it was crazy. lot only did they play "take it off" one of there big singles but they played a lot of their new stuff. they also played "fall behind me" "who invited you" "it's on the rocks" "5 O'clock in the morning" "I Didn't Like You Anyway" which is one of my fav.'s and more. the only sad part about the show was that Torry also known as Donna t. the drummer was not there she is now in retirement, she was having pain in her doctors said she could not play any more so at the show there was another drummer. they all played amazing and even though it was my first time seeing them it was sad not to see Torry up there.

This pic. is very dark we had the flash on but you could not see her face in the other pic.'s
cant see me or her in this on but i know its her and that all that matters lol
i love Maya!! bass players rock and I'm not just saying that because i play bass.... :)
Donnaholics 4 EVA

xoxo Kayla marie


  1. great outfit! sounds you had a lovely day.

  2. hey there! :D
    thx for ur sweet comment :)

    nice blog ,
    cute rings :D

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  3. such a cute outfit, loving that print cardigan. looks like a fab night!



  4. you look fabulous! but so sad some photos are too small so i can't see it clearly



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