Friday, February 3, 2012

Last night

Last night was all kinds of crazy for me and my friends but I looked cute while it all happened. I had a guy come out of the girls bathroom stall as I was washing my hands, gross. Passed a homeless guy throwing up in the side walk, almost got ran over by some crazy people that don't know how to drive and had a crazy guy with no shirt on jump in front of me and start dancing.... yes I was in Hollywood.

Dress: Mine
Jacket: Grace Elements
Belt: Forver21
Shoes: Fioni

Style Is Immaculate
xo-Kayla Marie


  1. I love the way your hair is styled in this and the casual sparkle of the belt with the outfit! :)

  2. Love the outfit - so chic and the boot are gorgeous!! I want the jacket and belt though ~ totes gona investigate :P haha

    J <3

  3. cute outfit! love the touch of the belt... thanks for stopping by my blog, now following you :)

  4. Thank you so much, sweetie for your lovely comment!! I just started following you!!

    Love your outfit!! You look fantastic!!

    Have a lovely week!


  5. the dress looks so cute on you, I love the print!


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