Monday, March 21, 2011

Square or Drape

Good day my immaculate style lovers. This weekend I ended up in bed watching one of my favorite movies "Cry Baby" staring Johnny Depp,  Amy Locane, Iggy Pop and Traci Lords just to name a few.
its about a Drape also know as (Greaser) named Cry Baby (Johnny Depp) how falls in love with a Square named Allison (Amy Locane) hows tired of being good and wants to be bad.
Wanda a Drape played by Traci Lords is one of my favorite creatures in this film.
Shes tough, head strong and all the guys wanted her.
So you tell me, are you a Spuare or Drape?


Jacket: Forever21
Top: Calvin Klein
Skirt: H&M
Devil Ducky Earring: Claires
Shoes: Forever21


Dress: Rodarte
Earrings: San Francisco Pier  
Headband: Claires
Ring: Kay Jewelers
Necklace/Bracelet: Out of the Closet Thrift store
Shoes: Fioni- Payless

Style is Immaculate
xo-Kayla Marie


  1. Loving the colour of that skirt...x

  2. Nice brigth color and the earing is great!

    Following back. Thank you :)

  3. Two things! I absolutely love the color of your skirt in the first few photos! And I have that dress in black and I can't wait to wear it! Love your blog.

  4. Such cute outfits!! I simply love that skirt it is such a great color!! I also love the floral print on the dress!! : )

  5. Both looks are very nice!The fuchsia skirt looks great with the lace top and I liked your floral dress too!

  6. I am a drape, without a doubt!

    I discovered Traci Lords years ago reading the Marilyn Manson biography and discovering that she was one of his early girlfriends. She looked so incredibly cool in the '90s.

  7. don't know if you're still taking votes on this, but although both looks are cute, i go with Drape all the way! it's a hot look.


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